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the sequel of the loving game Naruto The Naruto Ninja Eclipse
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 how the ranks work

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PostSubject: how the ranks work   Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:13 pm student (begging rank)
2.genin (complete the genin exam)
3.chuunin (complete the chuunin exams)
4.chuunin transfer this is for chuunins that are skilled as jounin but transfer to the exams (sp.jounin exams))
5.medical ninja/anbu/ninja counsel (you need a village job to get in the jounin exams so these are really job ranks)
6.jounin (complete the jounin exams (sp.jounins do not have to take this exam))
7.sannin (complete the sannin exam)
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how the ranks work
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