Naruto The Ninja Eclipse 2

the sequel of the loving game Naruto The Naruto Ninja Eclipse
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 create a curse mark/curse seal

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PostSubject: create a curse mark/curse seal   Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:46 am

name:(name of curse mark/curse seal)
curse mark or curse seal:(curse mark takes hp and gives you cp and curse seal takes cp and gives you hp)
pic of curse seal/curse mark stage 1:(this is for stage 1)
stage 1 of curse seal/curse mark cp/hp gain:(every 5 cp you gain you lose 50 hp or the other way around for the curse seal)


pic of curse mark/curse seal stage 2:(this is for stage 2)
stage 2 of curse mark/curse seal cp/hp gain:(every 50 cp you gain you lose 500 hp or the other way around for a curse seal)

stage 1 cost 3000 ryo
stage 2 cost 8000 ryo
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create a curse mark/curse seal
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