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the sequel of the loving game Naruto The Naruto Ninja Eclipse
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 jutsu shop

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PostSubject: jutsu shop   Sun Dec 21, 2008 1:22 pm

1,000 years of death~taijutsu + 1/2 speed~10 chakra~500 ryo

primary loutis~taijutsu + speed~5 chakra -50 hp~700 ryo

hidden loutis~taijutsu X 3 -speed~20 chakra -200 hp~1200 ryo (NOTE:you need to have used primary loutis)

strong chakra enraged punch~taijutsu + ninjutsu -chakra~15 chakra~700 ryo
shadow clone~ninjutsu~10 chakra~400 ryo

sand coffin~ninjutsu + 1/2 taijutsu - speed~15 chakra~800 ryo

sand burial~ninjutsu X 2 - speed~25 chakra~1200 ryo (NOTE:you need to have used sand coffin)

wind dust~ninjutsu + hp - chakra~10 chakra~1000 ryo
genjutsu haze~uses enemy's weakest jutsu agents him or her~30 chakra~2000

genjutsu tree wood choke~uses medium ninjutsu agents that very own enemy~90 chakra~3000 ryo

(coming soon:puppet jutsus summons and more ninjutsu and genjutsu)
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jutsu shop
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