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the sequel of the loving game Naruto The Naruto Ninja Eclipse
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 mission help

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PostSubject: mission help   Sun Dec 21, 2008 12:55 pm

What is a mission you ask its something you can do on ntne2 that earns you exp and ryo (money)
D-rank mission:ryo:20-30::exp:10-20::mission type:puzzles,RP,riddles::mission rate:5 a day::rank:genin
C-rank mission:ryo:40-50::exp:30-40::mission type:RP,tiny fights,test::mission rate:3 a day::rank:chuunin-sp.jounin
B-rank mission:ryo:100-150::exp:60-70::mission type:medium fights,spying (on ninja or rouges)::mission rate:1 a day::rank:sp.jounin-ninja counsel/anbu/medical ninja
A-rank mission:ryo:200-500::exp:100-150::mission type:high leveled fights,tactics fighting,tactics sneaking::mission rate:1 a week::rank:jounin
S-class mission:ryo:1000::exp:200::mission type:extreme leveled fighting,extreme tactics sneaking,extreme tactics sneaking,war::mission rate:1 a month::rank:sannin
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mission help
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